Taper time.

Yesterday’s long run was scenic, beautiful, and mostly flat 26km (give or take)… This was 6km shorter than last week’s long run which made for a happy me.

A little achy to start but despite starting slow, somewhere in there, I found a bit of a groove and managed to finish strong..thanks to our speedy clinic instructor who joined us for the last couple of km.

One of our fellow runners ran a phenomenal marathon this weekend, and on top of being thrilled for her, it was  motivating and inspiring as it made me wonder what I could someday achieve. 

In my first marathon, I just wanted to finish, to experience what it was like to run 26.2 miles and see what I was capable of.  I didn’t have huge expectations.  But I am hungrier this time round, maybe more than I am willing to admit.  And the fact that I brilliantly (not) am choosing to run hilly San Francisco in October, is doing little to deter me.  I keep thinking of what is within my realm of possibility.  And just maybe, I will get a little closer to my goal in San Francisco:).

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