Thanskgiving thoughts

Thus far, thanskgiving this year has been marked by eating, eating, and more eating. Friday was a dinner with an enormous turkey and approximately 70 people. Saturday was an evening out at a swanky restaurant to celebrate the sister’s b-day. And today is our family thanksgiving dinner.

Add that to taper time  and enormous amounts of time spent sleeping, and I may very well end up as a butter ball just in time for my race next weekend, haha.

Many of my running crew were racing this past weekend, in Chicago, Victoria, Okanagan, Portland just to name a few.  So I woke up sunday morning, and tracked their progress. If I couldn’t be running with them this weekend, I could at least live vicariously through them. Those were some very impressive times, and yes profanities were uttered:p.

Race anxieties aside, I have much to be thankful for this year.  And I am content.


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2 Responses to Thanskgiving thoughts

  1. valjean1979 says:

    “I am content”… That’s a great mental space to be. You’re ready to rock SF. Can’t wait to see your NWM SF medal.

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