Late last night, I had the opportunity to watch part of  President Obama’s speech given at a memorial service in Tucson, Arizona.  He gave an impassioned  speech, but one particular line resonated with me. “What really matters is how well we have loved.”

I had been thinking of this just before hearing this speech and 2 particular memories came to mind.

1) A dear friend J. and and I were out for one of our runs, more than a year ago and we were talking about what we hoped to accomplish in our life, things we wanted to do, and what we wanted to leave behind after we were gone.   She told me that she wanted to learn to love well.

2)  A friend was praying for me, and in her prayer, she said that “I had a lot of love to give.”

Those words  are seared into my mind, not because I have lived up to either my friend’s aspirations or what was said about me.   Truly, a lot of times, I’m not so sure just how much love I have to give.  I would like to think  I do love well,  but sometimes, I feel woefully lacking.  I do know, however that at those times I am able to love well, it is because I am secure in the knowledge that I am loved, not only by my family, friends, but from a great big God, a sovereign God.   And I know that, we are not always loved in return. But that is not the point.

I do know this much; that my accomplishments, works and accolades are s a poor yardstick by which to measure a life.  And what will matter when all is said and done, is how well I have loved.

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