Random thoughts

Back at it:)

Wednesday was best described as the the slush run -basically trying not to kill myself running in the dark in the after math of a snow/rain. Luckily, we more or less ran as a pack – until, well I got dropped . It was a surprisingly good 10km tempo run given the melting snow and slop. Felt good too, until the uphill climb to the store – at which point I felt like I was going to die a little, but heck finished it off running. Yes – I felt like a real runner that night:D.

Next up – Thursday’s 9km – which I wanted to run “easy.” Didn’t happen – when I ran behind T and C for the first bit – their “easy pace” was still my tempo run. Oh well. It was a beautiful night for a run, and especially running along creekside along granville island – was amazing. While at times I do like to run along, there is nothing like running with, or in this case, behind some uber fast people to keep you motivated.

During those runs, other than thinking about how fast I should run and how long I can sustain it, I get to clear my head of those that would normally make my head explode, run off stress, and find out what I’m made of, what my limits are, and how much I am willing to sacrifice to achieve my goals.

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