Coffee shop sightings….

I am content (i.e. passed out on my bed on a lazy saturday afternoon). In my defense I hauled myself out of bed this morning to do my saturday short run. My garmin died somewhere mid run, so I don’t have the stats. Oh well.

I did also manage to do some writing at a coffee shop. More interesting however, was the people watching. Things I observed while at said coffee shop:

A really uh, sturdy, woman (who looked like she had literally just rolled out of bed), and wearing purple crocs, lumbered in while her fierce looking dog lurked outside the window.

A guy wearing a very feminine looking sweater with a fur lined hood and a D & G purse strapped across his shoulders. Seriously?

A couple that appeared to be on their first date – he seemed into her. She did not seem that into him.

A little boy throwing a temper tantrum because his dad had taken away the iphone – maybe he wanted to play Angry birds?:p

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