I ran the “First Half” put on by Pacific Road Runners this weekend.  My goal going in was 1:45.  I ran 1:45:01 with a fair bit left in the tank (i.e. I sprinted the last 100 meters…I swear I made up time!)  and having side stitches for the last mile or so.. I should be thrilled with my time. This is three minutes off my best, I was coming off being sick.  I ran a very “smart” race – ie conservative 1st km or 2 – paced myself, ran almost exactly even splits.  It was…like clockwork.

Somehow though, I feel like I should have set my goals higher. After I finished running the race, I felt like I hadn’t given it my all or even raced hard, but just went for a mildly challenging training run.  There was no feeling of being spent, of the elation of knowing I ran to the maximum of my ability.  I felt like I cheated myself by not setting higher goals.  To be fair, I didn’t know I was capable of a 1:45 going in.  Maybe it is a testament to being properly trained for a half marathon for once in my life. Somehow, marathon training makes running a half marathon a lot less painful…

This race has been a  lesson in daring to dream a little.  What if I hadn’t held back? What if I just went for it instead of making myself slow down every time I ran faster than I thought I “should”  given my race goals. Oh well, on the up -side,  this was a great race to measure how training was going.  Also, the supporters were fantastic and it was awesome to see our running friends cheering us on – seeing M at Mile 12 and hearing my name being yelled was super encouraging especially when it is nearing the end..

If nothing else, I learned I’m capable of more than I think I am.  And now, I know I can set my goals higher,  to have a “pie in the sky” goal to reach for…

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