I am soo tired.  Right. As I should be.  32 km is long. Though the schedule called for a 26km run,  I got talked into running 32 (though to be fair, it didn’t take much:p). I did not have much choice.

Despite a few little, uh,  detours, it was a fantastic day for a run.  Glorious sunshine, water and snow -capped mountains:D.  For the last 6km, it was down to four of us.  We wended our way up prospect point and then came back down again.  For a stretch, there was  silence. No cars, no conversation.  Only footsteps.  Sunlight danced through a canopy of trees.  In that moment, that space and point in time, it felt sacred.

That feeling didn’t last long.  After we made it over the Burrard bridge and to Alma,  I was a little less appreciative.  We started to take walk breaks.  And when the garmin hit 32km, we walked:D.  Still, I didn’t feel really that bad, a little tired maybe.  Lying here with ice -packs on my legs, though, and suspecting I may be paying for today’s run tomorrow more than usual.

Total time: 2:44:31.  Average pace 5:08 min/km = way too fast for a sunday long run.  Oh well, at least I know what I can do (vs. what I should be doing:p).



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