Signs you are a runner

Disclaimer:  These are some of the best ones I have heard, read about, and I did not come up with most them.

1.  You have more running clothes than work clothes.

2. You own enough pairs of shoes to stock a warehouse.

3.  Your friend wants to sign you up on a blind date – and your first question is, does she/he run?

4.  You know your neighborhood running routes better than your neighbors.

5.  You have said “10 miler” and “easy run” in the same breath.

6.  You take ice baths.

7.  You own more running socks than regular socks.

8. You use body glide.

9.  People always ask you what you are training for.

10.  You keep running shoes and a shirt in your car “just in case.”

11.  The sound of a gun no longer scares you.

12.  When you are driving, you are envious of the runners on the road.

13.  When driving anywhere – you think, this would make a nice run.

14.  You have ever eaten a gel for dinner.

15.  You have a closet ful of race t -shirts, but insist on wearing the same one every run.

16.  Your running shoes have more mileage than your car.

17.  You get mad when someone refers to running as jogging.

18.  You know that a marathon is 26. 2 miles and not 26.

19.  Your running log is more intricate than the national budget.  (of

2o.  No one believes you when you say “never again.”

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