Run Forest Run…

Today was hot. The weather was gorgeous.  But we also had 23km on tap.  After a rather quick start, we decided on 20:1 for our walk breaks.  We settled into a 5:20 – 5:30ish pace (per km) or thereabouts.  A pack ahead of us disappeared into the distance. Rats.

Running along Kits, past Vanier Park and Jericho was not too bad; climbing up NW marine drive was not fun in the heat.  Every time I thought we had reached the top, there was another switchback.  Curses.

B ran past us mumbling about how he couldn’t keep up with his gang.  He was fast, but they were faster.

The second half was a lot better (downhill and we were halfway done).  And stopping to refill our water bottles  ( drank two bottles on the run today), pour water on ourselves, eat a gel (I only remembered to eat one during the last 6km:p) and then hoof it back to the store.  Even had some sprint left for the last climb up Fir to the store.

Have to say that today’s heat, among other things, definitely made the run a bit tougher than last week.  But done.

Today’s run wasn’t super quick (average pace 5:30 or so including walk breaks) although overall sometimes our pace group runs on the quicker side).  But afterward E. asked if today’s run (meant to be a long relaxed run) had been a tempo run. Uh. Nope. Oops:p.

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