Summer livin’

Last night, after a very hot and sticky 10km,  I headed to Locarno beach to meet some of the YL crew for volleyball and fireworks.  Having not gone to camp this year, I felt a bit out of the loop.  But not for long.  Felt like home when the girls came flying at me:)

Volleyball,  now that was a different matter. I was so terrible at volleyball, my friend G. gave me lessons right in front of our volleyball circle.  That might have been because every time the ball came towards me I ducked and shrieked.  Ha.  How embarrassing:p.

As we lay sprawled on the beach, we were treated to one of the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen.  Literally my breath caught in my throat.  Orange red hues  painted across the sky.   Mountains loomed in the distance and the ocean seemed to stretch into infinity. Darkened silhouettes of beach goers against the logs.  Oh, how I wish I had a camera.

As the kids shrieked and inadvertently aimed more volleyballs at our heads, I sat back, burrowed my toes into the sand, and soaked it all in.  I had forgotten what a gorgeous city we inhabit.

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