Some of my best memories of Costa Rica – photo edition.  Rappelling down waterfalls near Monteverde.   Rafting on the River Toro.  Cloud forests in Monteverde.   Bumpy van rides through dirt roads, stunning beaches,  and zip lining through cloud forests.  Amazing travel companions.  Costa Rica is  a country that winds its way deep into your soul.

Below is a re post of a blog entry I wrote a year ago, that sums up our Costa Rican adventure.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, lush and verdant, a place that reaches deep inside you. Rolling hills and valleys, spectacular beaches and tropical forests. Sightings of hummingbirds, toucans, sloths and white faced capuchin monkeys, just to name a few.

Met some fantastic people and made new friends. In one week, we managed to pack in memories that will undoubtedly last a life -time: rafting Class III and IV rapids in the Rio Toro (and flipping), rappelling down 220 feet waterfalls near Arenal, tours through tropical forests, soaking in the hot springs, and sliding down some sketchy water-slides. Zip- lining through the Monteverde Cloud forests and swinging on Tarzan ropes off 90 ft platforms. Swimming in the warm waters of the Pacific and lying on the sandy white beaches in Manuel Antonio National Park.

Hours of traveling on vans, boats and public buses. Hours filled with laughter, deep and not – so deep conversations and everything in between that made this trip so special. Rising early and sleeping when we could. Tropical rain storms that soaked us in a matter of seconds. Eating the best burritos under the cover of a taco stand in Santa Elena/Monteverde. Endless cups of coffee and Oreo Espresso milkshakes at Cafe Milagro in Quepos.

Of being lost inside Manuel Antonio – our tour leader never did find us on the beach despite sending the tourist police out for us. Of clothes that never quite dried in the humidity that was Costa Rica, and remembering that toilet paper does not go in the toilet. Of discovering a giant roach in one of the showers and being awakened by roosters and the sound of rain hammering against the roof in the wee hours of the morning. Of hours in airports, including a 7 hour layover in LAX – trying to sleep at 3 am, with the sound of vacuums. Fail. Thank goodness for 24 hour coffee places.

The trip of a life time and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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