Last night, we ran the infamous boot camp run.  In lieu of 9 hill repeats, our jaunts took us through some of the lovely hills of Vancouver.  Namely, climbing Fir to Angus (which didn’t technically count as a hill),  King Ed,  Nanton, 29th Hill (past the railroad tracks to Arbutus), the climb from 37th to Ontario, and last but not least, the Queen E. Hill. Curses.

The first couple of hills were tolerable, but descending towards the rail road tracks (past Maple towards Arbutus) knowing we had to run up, made me a sullen camper.  I kept waiting for the guys ahead of us to turn, but they kept climbing.  Rats…

At this point, I was ready stop and walk; without a running pal keeping step with me,  I would have.

The climb from 37th and Ontario was okay in comparison to the other hills, but it seemed like eternity before we reached the base of the Q.E. Hill.  Mentally, I was trying to steel myself for Q.E. hill.  I loathe that hill, but I ran it.   Oh clock tower how happy I was to see you.

My faced resembled an over-ripe tomato by this point, so I doused myself with water, trying to wash the color out of my cheeks if you will.  A gel washed down with tepid tap water, and I was ready to go.

Thankfully, our  run back was a lot smoother, being basically all downhill or flat.  Happy feet and legs.

16km +. Done, and done.  Until next year at least.

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