Running rants

This morning was slightly rough.  Did not get to bed till 12:30am last night. I dragged myself out of bed for our planned 23km run.  It ended up being one of the quicker/quickest 23km runs thus far. Total time (including walk break) 2:02.  Average pace: 5:20 – 5:22 min/km even with our 20:1 walk breaks.  We averaged sub 5’s at times. Whoops.

We had mister “I am recovering from a 30km run the day before” who was still pushing the pace.  Then there was the guy  who was capable of a 3:20 marathon.  And C. who just runs whatever pace effortlessly.  S & E – two guys who were quite comfy with the pace (I know they can run faster).  Baby A. who was late and ran to catch up with us.  And then A. (who is in week two of her training).  J. who was slightly injured.  And then G. – bless his soul – who keeps us in check. ” And what pace might we be running now?” Noted.

I kept looking at my garmin and trying to slow my pace down to 5:30 min/km  – which was our group consensus.  At one point we were running sub 5 minute/km up the 8th street hill. Ahem.  I mean I could and I did.  But I shouldn’t have.   Argh.  Our lack of a military enforcer pace group leader is showing.

Though we ran relatively cohesively as a group to QE, we somehow got strung out like a string bean by the end.  It was hopeless.  So I just ran. Faster than I should have.:p

Clearly, we have some difficulty with the concept of “long slow run”:p. Next week we definitely have some pace sorting to do.

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