Sunday is the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

I still remember exactly what I was doing when I learned the events of that morning.  I was half asleep as my real property class did not start until 9:30. My mother woke me, babbling about planes hitting a tower. And that is exactly what I saw on television: planes hitting the tower, images of smoke and fire filled the television screen.   At first, I thought I was watching a horror movie.  But I  soon realized this was no movie.  I squinted at the screen, and realized that the tiny flecks were people jumping out of the towers.

Though I live a few thousand miles away from the site of the horror, the shock reverberated through the city.  I don’t think anyone who saw what happened that day could have been unaffected.  My classmates had siblings working in NYC, blocks from where the Towers went down.  Many had plans to work in NYC after graduation. We had friends in NYC. 9/11 changed much of that.

9/11 is a defining event in American and world history.  An act of pure evil that left so many without a father, a mother, a spouse, a fiance, a child, cousin, grandparent and friend.  But the aftermath of that day, from what little I have observed,  has also been a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.  Widows have re-married, and the babies born post 9/11 are now grade schoolers.  People have moved on.

But we will never forget.

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