North Shore run

Yesterday =  unexpectedly fantastic run.  Definitely no signs before the run.  I hit the snooze button three times before hauling myself out of bed.

The weather was drizzly and cool.   I was trying to decide what to wear as an outer layer and ended up purchasing arm warmers/ compression sleeves.  Shoved some extra gels and a credit card in my pocket.  And then six of us were off. We started out a bit quick – 5:12s and then we slowed it back down for a bit, but our running pace kept creeping below 5:15.  We did do 20:1s.  Unlike our last jaunt to the North Shore, we were relatively dry when we reached the running room.

On our return trip, we spotted Dave and his crew running into the trails, and followed suit, thereby avoiding some pavement.  And the Lions gate bridge wasn’t as horrific as I anticipated. After prospect point our pace sped up to 4:40 min/km down Rawlings/ Bridle trails.  Soon Dave and his posse came flying by.

We stopped again at Second Beach pool for water.  And then someone dropped the  gauntlet.   We let him go.  But naturally, I couldn’t resist a good challenge and was still feeling really good.   I was torn,  kept looking over my shoulder at what was now a group of four and Candice yelled at me to go.  So I took off.  I just ran, dodging runners, dogs, bikes and strollers.

A random runner was running a good clip just a few paces ahead of me on the burrard bridge.  I followed him across the bridge and under the troll bridge.  The fir hill was not fun, but I told myself the end of the marathon would probably feel much worse.  Eric was waiting at the light to cross at Broadway – so I figured I couldn’t have been that far behind:p.   The others were also back within minutes. Mission accomplished.

Overall time was 2:51 ish – average pace 5:18min/km.

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