It wasn’t raining when I left home this morning.  I took it as a good sign, but then the rain came. Pounding rain.  I sat in the coffee shop, steeling myself for a soppy run.

Somehow though, the rain miraculously let up for our run to UBC and Pacific Spirit Park.  Naturally, we got lost:).  I er, kinda heard nothing in the instructions beyond following 16th to imperial (but missing the clearly printed instructions which said south side of 16th).  Apparently, neither did he rest of our group.   Because were on the wrong side of the 16th,  we missed imperial and the Huckleberry trail entrance.  We ended up stopping at the park board office and having to retrace our steps adding four km to our run. Oh well.

The trails were incredible.   Running  on dirt, gravel and moss covered trails, under a canopy of trees was bliss. It was a nice change from road running, though a bit trickier;  dodging rocks and roots and concentrating on not tripping.  We weaved through pedestrian gates,  dogs and a number of runners.  Somehow we managed not to get lost once we were IN the trails (or at least I think we didn’t).   I’ve lived in Vancouver most of my life, and I have never run the trails in Pacific Spirit Park:p. Can’t wait to run more trails….

Total distance = 27km.

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