With so much of the crew racing this weekend, it was quiet at the RR.  On tap, 29km. A reprise of the Dundarave run.

Unlike the hot weather we faced on our last Dundarave run, today was perfect running weather: cool and slightly overcast (at least during our run).

Not too many people wanted to do 29km, but Ang + hubby+ her friend ran the first 18km with us.  Then it was just Eric and I.  We cut out some of the walk breaks. Both of us wanted to do some race pace km.  So we ran the majority of the run at race pace (give or take 5 seconds).  It felt effortless for a long run.  I can only hope race day feels this good.

Totally distance:29.6km.  Total time: 2:34.  Average pace: 5:12.

And naturally,  I had to look up the times for some of my training partners who ran Victoria and Portland (there were some fantastic times). I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the pressure heading into NYC.

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