It’s been a quiet and low key thanksgiving – with half the family away.  So I did, what any normal person would do, I decided to sign up for the Granville Island turkey trot.

The turkey trot was one of the first real “races” I did about 8 years ago and I really enjoyed running it. I was searching for at least one run before NYC – and with no half marathon I wanted to race, I decided I would run the 10km (perhaps not the brightest idea) on the heels of a  long training run (i.e. the day after).  I read an article somewhere that the idea was to simulate the fatigue of the last 10km of a marathon.  So I decided to test out the theory.

To be honest, I was just a bit worried about racing a 10km the day after a long training run.  I told myself I would just run it as a training run.  I should’ve known better.

Race morning was miserable, cold and wet.  Huddling under a tarp/tent, I found a bench to sit on and parked myself there, eyeing the crowds of runners, searching for friends who were also planning to run.

With 8 minutes left before the start time, we were herded to the start line.  We waited: we were in no hurry to freeze outside, and buried ourselves in the crowd.  It took me less than a minute to cross the start line. And then we were off – the first km was a zoo, walkers, with walking poles????? on pavement.  So I spent the first km weaving in and out of crowds of runners.  Not surprisingly, it was a slow first km.

My legs were  okay after yesterday’s training run, so after the first km, I began to drop the pace. The funnest part of the race was passing people.   The hardest part was figuring when to kick it. And with 3km to go, I thought what the heck, I would just go for it.  When course volunteers told yelled out that only 100 meters remained,  I somehow found another gear.   It was a lot fun, and always good to get in a race, before a big race.

Overall time was 44:40,  which was overall a 3 minute pb for me.  I was pretty happy, and it’s always gratifying to have training pay off.


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