Last medium long run in the books. 16km done.

Weather was miserable, and it was brutal to get out of bed for this one, especially since many of the crew were off racing the James Cunningham.  But, it being the last run more or less before NYC, I thought I should at least attempt to make it out.

I had some running partners for the first few km but they didn’t want to run 16km, so then it was me.  And then the rain came. Did it ever.  By the time I made it back to the store, my feet were soaked, and my quick dry gear was not so dry.  Oh well.  A good last medium long run before the race.

I suppose it was fitting that at least part of the run was on my own, because in the end, I have to run the race.  There was a moment, after I turned around at stonhenge, wet foliage at my feet, rain pelting, and I revelled in it. Pure joy.

NYC here I come.

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