Gully Run take 2

Some people never learn from their mistakes. Memories of last year’s Gully Run on a snowy day, slippery unpaved roads were still still fresh in my mind, yet an offhand comment Sunday morning by Greg was all it took to convince me to run the Gully Run on Sunday. Never mind that the longest I had run in two and half months was 22km.

Before I knew it I had convinced or rather Susan and Pargol were willing to run the Gully Run. NOthing like peer pressure…
Our First massive hill – King Ed. Down king ed. Up King Ed. Down Nanton, Up Nanton, Down 29th, and up 29th. Down 33rd, Up 33rd to Larch. We stopped at the top of 33rd for gels and water. The guys had caught up with us despite their late start on the 33rd hill. The guys ran down 33rd, and ripped around the corner on Arbutus. I hesitated for a fleeting second, and I made the not so wise decision to see how long I could hang with the guys. Susan and Pargol were just a few paces behind. We swung a left on 37th, and I kept the boys in contact as we climbed 37th to Ontario. Mercifully Dave waited till all of us were at the lights before he pushed the crosswalk.
Next climb – Climbed QE hill, which was in the scheme of things okay. We stopped for water. We headed down 33rd, Heather, etc. turned back onto 16th on Wolfe Crescent, Willow (?) etc. Pace inched up. I backed off a little or tried to and still tried to maintain contact. Somewhere after QE I had lost Pargol and Susan:p. Guess I was running solo.
Heading west on 16th to Dunbar, at about MacDonald or so, it really started to suck. Brian P had stopped to stretch. Climbing to Dunbar sucked even more. And when we swung a left onto Dunbar all I could think was how many more blocks till 41st? Brian W. turned around soon after. I saw the boys half a block to a block ahead of me. As long as I can see their backs…it’s good. Camosun hill was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back. I wanted to cry. Dave was a neon green blurb in the distance, I saw the back of Alan and the back of Barry. Good I thought, watching the boys disappear. Now I can walk. So I slowed to a walk, and forced myself to shuffle (also those 4:30ks along west 16th were a BAD idea…) I rounded the corner onto 29th and took a mini walk break, hoping to find some running mojo. It seemed to work, but I wisely slowed down the pace. I saw Barry cross the other side of 16th. I followed suit, a good block or two behind him at the very least. When he turned onto Blanca, I saw the back of him. Then I saw Alan. Apparently I was not the only one hurting. And then I saw Dave waiting for us. I trotted along to Dave, but the boys were not coming. Darn. I was running 5:10s at this point and that hurt/??? Dave kept up a steady stream of chatter. I wanted to tell Dave just to take off and go, so I could suffer alone, but I couldn’t find the energy. All I could think was when will this freaking 8th hill end? I wanna be done. First time in a long time I was worried I would completely bonk on the run. I probably should have eaten more than 2.5 gels too:p
Couldn’t really figure out what part of me thought it was a good idea to run the Gully Run…except…it seemed like a good idea at the time. Never again…
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