Taper time…

9 days till the BMO Vancouver Marathon. Being the second marathon in 6 months, and I’m a little less excited/nervous than I thought I would be…

Maybe because  running the NYC marathon exceeded my wildest expectations I’m a little more ambivalent about Vancouver.  Not to sure what to expect as BMO is a new course, and even having run large parts of the new course there’s still a bit of uncertainty.  Aside from race day weather, and other things beyond my control I’m not sure what a “realistic” goal is for this marathon; come race day I will go out and run the race, and enjoy the experience, and to remember why I started running in the first place – not for time, but for the sheer joy. I would just go out and run.

The last time I ran BMO was five years ago, and it was the “old” route then. BMO being my first marathon, I had no huge expectations going in to the race, and ended up ecstatic with the results.

Maybe I will be a little more excited next week, after race package pickup, etc. At the moment, I am ambivalent.  Ttraining is done…wondering if “just a little more training,” would be better…is pointless. At the moment, I am strangely calm. Usually I freak out before races, get so extremely nervous.

Or maybe I will get nervous next week…we’ll see. I do have time goals (realistic and dream) but I’m not obsessing about them.

What will be will be. And I guess I’ll find out in 9 days, what I’m made of.

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