Vacation highlights

Highlights from vacation/sister’s wedding:
  • Waking up to an ocean view every morning
  • The flower girl decking her sister, and then the ringbearer to boot. Whoops
  • The little ringbearer running out to the dance floor and  pulling his pants during the the best man’s speech
  • The best man’s speech
  • My sister’s vow to love her hubby in “sickness” even when it is from eating too many double bacconators (sp?)
  • My brother in law’s vows – that he was 100% sure my sis was the love of his life.
  • Lying on the beack in Labadee, Haiti, the taste of salt sea water
  • Going swimming during a rain storm
  • Meeting new people
  • Visiting Hemingway house in Key west – tourist town!
  • Seeing my sister in her wedding dress the morning of the wedding
  • Running on an outdoor jogging track with an ocean view
  • Getting coiffed at the salon (not) – 55 bobby pins and an entire can of hair spray later, my hair was not moving
  • Getting ready for the ceremony – breakfast/lunch with an ocean view – hello room service
  • Seeing the amazing wedding photographers work in progress (note: the process of getting the romantic photo moments was not  romantic)
  • Falling asleep in the hammock while waiting for the photographers
  • Seeing my sister trash her wedding dress – yep she really trashed her wedding dress in mexico
  • Praying for Alli -with the other bridesmaids the morning of her wedding
  • Playing Bananagrams in the cardroom
  • Sun, sun and more sun
  • Coming home, and getting to sleep in my own bed!
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