I read a blog post today today that resonated deeply with me.  The writer posed a question  many of us have likely struggled with: “Am I loved?”

And the answer is a resounding, thunderous yes.  I am beloved, precious in His sight. I am the daughter of a King. He whispers my name.  He watches over me, and He has and is fulfulling His promises in my life.

This has been a rocky few years faith wise.  A lot of wrestling, my fair share of mis- steps, a lot of soul searching, more than a few tears and as a dear friend M. put it, a few “dark night of the soul” moments. There was a time in my life, I was so sure of my faith that I couldn’t imagine a time when I wouldn’t be.  But life has a way of distracting you, turning your focus away from God.  And then little things, and sometime big things have a way of chipping away at your faith, of shaking what you thought was an unshakeable foundation.  Suddenly, I’m not sure anymore.  Events in my own life, and that of those close to me, have me questioning the set answers that I once accepted.

I am reminded that it is normal to question, to wrestle, and to struggle.  And in a way I welcome it, as it can serve to deepen my faith.  And as I journey through this life, I remind myself to live in the knowledge that I am deeply loved. At points in my life, I imagine how different my life would look if I lived God’s love, if it wasn’t simply head knowledge. Perhaps, then I can live a life that pours out, a life of overflow.

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