Random thoughts

I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, because well I almost always break them. I do, however, have goals for 2013. We shall see. And one of them is to stay (relatively) injury free through Boston training.

While I finished off 2012 with a solo long run, I began the new year by rejoining my RR crew for my first run with them in 5 months. Gulp. Of course, I would show up the night the route was the QE hill.

I was tentative, the night was dark and the roads were icy, and by sheer grace I did not go down. It wasn’t pretty, but it wasn’t as ugly as I expected the run to be. I am hardly back to where I was pre – injury but clearly the little competitive spark inside me hadn’t been completely extinguished.
It was a relatively comfortable pace for the first half and I was pleasantly surprised. Having made it up QE hill, I was mollified.

On the way back, I was tempted to make some comment about how awesome it felt to run a comfortable pace. I didn’t. Clearly, I knew better. Soon enough, the pace inched up. The boys took off. Some girl took off after the boys and more than kept up.

I felt something stir inside me. Without thinking, I inched up my pace. I tried, but couldn’t quite catch up (and yep, I was a little peeved:p). They were just a few steps ahead – and a couple of us got caught at the lights (yes I’ll blame the lights:p). All the while a little voice inside my voice reminded me that it was a long road ahead, it’s early in the season, and more than anything I wanted to make it to Boston in one piece.

And it is a training run, one of many to come. It is not a race…yet.

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