January journey

January = back to work, and back to marathon training.   Boston beckons.

It’s been awhile since I’ve run, and even longer since I’ve run in the dark.  The first run back this week was in darkness and two blinking light on my running shoes did little to light the path.   Time for headlamps and reflective vests.  Last thing I need is to be hit by a car or any other moving object…

The runs –  A solo run to end off 2012. QE hill to start off the new year = murderous.  A nice flat 7km the next day felt harder than it should, and to top it off dragged myself around the seawall/False Creek for 16km on Saturday.  I kept looking at my Garmin, and finally, the Garmin was taken away from me:p.   Oh well, at least the company was good.

I have to confess, though I was less than excited to be dragging myself through training again, after a forced break, it is nice to be running with my gang again.  RR peeps have been awesome training partners, and the girls I ran with wed/thursday night will be my training partners as the majority are running Boston this spring.

Haven’t run with the girls in months and it was so good to run with them again.   We fell in step effortlessly, familiar with each others running rhythms.  We ran in silence, speaking up to warn only of ice or oncoming cyclists.  Running with the girls was like coming home again.

Will be interesting to see how training unfolds. I guess the coming weeks will tell the story…

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