Trail running

Knee Knacker Holly Burn Chute photo 2

Post marathon,  I have turned to trail running on the weekends.

The photo above was taken on a Knee Knacker training run this past weekend from Cleveland Dam to Hollyburn (disclaimer, I am not running the Knee Knacker this year, but using the trail runs for a 23km in Squamish in August).

This past weekend’s run basically consisted of 2 hours of climbing (in snow at times) .  Some awesome volunteers had come and done maintenance work on the Hollyburn chute so we could actually run it (ok hike).   This is my memory of the first two hours. Up. Up. and Up.    And me wondering what part of me thought this was a good idea.

At one point I stopped for a gel, and then got separated from my group. So I waited for the next group.  We kept going (up hill in the snow), until someone decided it was a good idea to turn around.  I was ankle deep in snow at this point.

But running down in the snow, was so much fun! And so was coming down the chute. I felt like I was flying (relatively speaking).  Oh, sweet reward for 2 solid hours of climbing.  My down photo however, did not look nearly as good

Who knew, running up and down mountains is my idea of a good time. Go figure.

Next weekend, we are running from Cleveland Dam to Deep Cove.  I wonder if it will be just as hard. Probably.



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