Winter adventures – Howe Sound Crest trail

Today was a gift.   I have been yearning to return to the Howe Sound Crest trail, since last summer’s trip to traverse the whole trail.  Our mild BC winter has made running the trail possible earlier in the season than I thought. 
 We played on the Howe sound crest trail,  running (ok hiking) from Cypress Lodge to St. Mark’s Summit and Unnecessary Mountain and back.   I soaked in the views, happily played caboose, and remembered why I run. I run because I can. Some day, I won’t be able to.  I run because there are those who can’t.  I run because in these mountains, my heart has found its home.  I am grateful for this gift, for good friends and a amazing running community. I have been lucky enough to witness  some incredible sights some may never see in this lifetime.  I don’t think I could ever tire of the views we saw today.
As we stood on one of the summits of Unnecessary Mountain,  the  others chatting behind me,  I drank in the sights before me.  Snow capped peak of the Lions beckoned  in the distance, sunlight glinting off the snow, and the Howe Sound below us.  How do you explain the beauty of something to those who haven’t seen it?   Photos give but a glimpse of the stunning beauty we encountered out there.
We played in the snow,  squealed as we slipped down snowy icy patches holding onto tree branches, and laughing.   And in this place, in this rugged wilderness  that is literally our backyard, I found peace. I found the part of the me which can’t be tamed, and every few steps I would stop, look up, in awe of our surroundings, of this pristine wilderness that I am fortunate enough to call home.

(Photo credit: Terry B.) So happy in the mountains…

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