Having not raced in 8 months,  I haven’t posted in a long while.  I can’t quite find the words to describe 2015, but a run at the dawn of 2016, might capture some of it.


It was early (well 7 am early anyhow) when I headed out for a  dark albeit glorious run along kits beach, towards false creek. It was chilly, but I had layered appropriately.  Wispy clouds shrouded the mountain, and as darkness faded into light, I stopped to snap a shot. Water lapped against the shore, and ducks (fought..or so it seemed like it) in the water. I decided against an out and back loop, opting instead to take the scenic route, around False Creek. Good decision, as right around Science world, I was treated to the most glorious sunrise, the sky aglow, painted in hues of pink, reflecting off the water.

I have been struggling to get back into my groove these past months, and I told myself that as long as I got out the door for 20 minutes, it didn’t matter what pace I ran. As I ran, I reset. I paused to take in my surroundings, letting the thoughts swirl in my head, and then kept running. Every foot step, every mile I was moving forward. Never mind that my pace was painstakingly slow, that my “easy pace” six months ago, would be my tempo pace now. I reminded myself that I didn’t get to that point over night and so I would not be back to where I wanted to be over night.

I remembered why I run, not because I had to, not because I had been hovering on ultrasignup, signing up for races without thinking about the commitment required to follow through (gulp), but because I loved to run. Running speaks to the very fabric of who I am.

I reminded myself that it was healthy to have a break from running, that the hunger, that the fire in my belly would come back.   A couple of years ago, I would have had to be reminded that there are priorities outside of running.  This past year has brought a number of changes, and, accordingly running hasn’t necessarily been first on the list. And at different points in my life, my relationship with running has looked different

Can’t say that the fire in the belly for running is all back but this morning’s run was definitely a step in the right direction.

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