2016 year in review

I’ve been struggling to find the words to accurately describe this year.  Let’s just say it has had its moments, both on a personal and professional level, but if I were to choose a word that best represented this year, it would be gratitude. I’m grateful for the different work experiences,  friends, family, many mountains and plentiful adventures and finding my way back to running after a year hiatus.   Here are some of my highlights:

  • My first mountain sunrise (hiking up Grouse in the dark with micro-spikes and headlamps was surreal)
  • Crewing for and watching Fat Dog racers finish 120 miles (not yet…)
  • Finishing Squamish 50 miler on a 30 degree plus day. This race was both a highlight and a low point.  Note: I told J. to shoot me if I wanted to sign up for this race again…
  • Winter hike to St. Mark’s Summit
  • Night snowshoeing – a friend’s full moon birthday snowshoe
  • Summer adventures on the Howe Sound Crest Trail
  • Oregon Coast 50km and visiting the Oregon Coast – unreal
  • A holiday break filled with alternate days in which we didn’t leave the house and went snow shoeing as many days as would not break us.  (as of this writing, my legs are rubber from all the activity I tried to cram in)
  • Watching the sunset on Hollyburn Mountain on Christmas day with J.
  • A spirited baby niece who is practically a toddler
  • An amazing partner – there is no one I would rather do life with. (even though at the moment he is glued to wrestling on tv and and shoveling chips into his mouth :D).
  • And to my friends and family who have shared this journey with me, you know who you are, you have helped shape who I am.  Thank you!

A year in photos:






Panorama Ridge – July




Manning Park 🙂



Post race in Squamish the day after







Moonlight snowshoe for Karen’s b-day



And above all, it is the little things for which I am most grateful: as  write, fat flakes of snow are falling and I am curled up by the fire with hot cocoa & baileys, savouring the last few days of the Christmas holidays and dreaming of next year’s adventures.

Goodbye 2016, let’s see what 2017 has in store.


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