The Runners Why

Today’s run had me thinking about why I run. I have been reading David and Megan Roche’s book “The Happy Runner,” and as I was bundled up against the sleeting snow, my face frozen, my fingers numb,  I wondered what possessed me to head out. I know what it was.  It was the fat flakes of snow falling, and  me thinking wouldn’t that be nice to run in.  Hmm.

As I ran my usual route,   I saw two speedy female runners fly by.  I recognized them as local elites.  My own legs felt as though they were moving through molasses.  Literally standing still.  My face was cold.  My shirt was soggy.  My puffy was not water proof (d’oh) and I was a wet mess.  I had also stepped in a puddle, so my feet were frozen too.

I stopped to wring  my wet gloves out.  Despite the less than ideal weather this morning, I remembered that I mostly love to run (even if sometimes I question my decision to do so).  Even on the days my legs feel like I concrete I feel better for having gone out the door.  And then I thought more about why I was doing this.

I run for who I become in the process, a stronger, more confident person.  I run for the finish line swag (sometimes).  I will admit I ran a 2 day ultra just for a coveted blue trucker hat.

I run because running brings me joy .  That and being able to eat all the food.   I run for my mental health, for balance even if running can be an obsession.   I run to find out my limits.   I run to see if maybe I can just go one step further.  I run to be that 80 year old who still runs.  I run because some day I won’t be able to.  I run because I can.

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